Puncak Tyrol from Austria

Top of Tyrol (Peak Tyrol), which is a platform designed by Astearchitecture sights as high as 3000 m above sea level at the Stubai Glacier in the Tyrol, Austria. Weather-resistant steel used in construction for extreme weather mangantisipasi so you can stand 9 feet from the top of the mountain to see the sights Stubai Glacier.Puncak Tyrol from Austria
Inside the castle garden Trauttmansdorff, Italy you will find this stunning platform iron out of the trees. Its name, which means the binoculars, derived from the form of small roof and a view of the platform. Designed by architect Matteo Thun.Il Binocolo Italia extreme placeIl Binocolo Italia extreme place
House on the Rock, first opened in 1959, is a complex ruangan2, roads, gardens, and shops with unique architectural designs by Alex Jordan, Jr.. Its location was in Spring Green, Wisconsin, and is a regional tourist attractions. The Infinity Room at the house that extends several hundred feet from the valley, without the support beneath it, the more than 3000 hand-made window on the side.Infinity Room at the House of the Rock (Wisconsin – USA
This place opened not long ago after five months of development. Located at Knights Hill on the ridge near Robertson in the southern highlands, Illawara Fly Tree Top Walk facilitate visitors to stroll among the rain forest canopy 25 meters above the ground on top of an iron platform. Road corridor as high as 500 m has a hand of support that brings visitors to the edge of the cliff and offers views of the coastline from Kiama to Shellharbour.Illawara Fly Tree Top Walk picture extreme placesIllawara Fly Tree Top Walk
Promontory Landscape

Promontory Landscape scenery suspension platform is designed Paolo Burgi as part Cardada project, a revitalization of the mountain Cardada expected completion in 2010. The corridor is made of iron and titanium led to the platform with stunning views of Lago Maggiore. Not only the scenery that can be enjoyed by visitors. Symbols in the tile and the caption information written on the railing of the platform offers a reference on the history and literature.Landscape Promontory
Auckland skyscraper-high towers 328 m is the tallest building in the southern hemisphere. It takes 2000 tons of iron, 660 tons of steel frame buildings and 15 000 cubic meters of cement to build it. This building can withstand the wind speed 200 km / h, an earthquake measuring eight on the Richter scale and on a sunny day, the sight could reach 82 km. The highest peak in the room that is Sky deck with a glass without a connection to view 360 degreesMenara Pencakar Langit Auckland
Platform Gantung Air Terjun Iguazu .Apart from the waterfalls are indeed amazing, where it was in a subtropical forest to make tourism in this place more enjoyable. To appreciate the grandeur and splendor, nice to see this waterfall from the Skywalk. Platforms are so close that the view you would tersemprot by splashing water and made deaf by the roar of water falling from a height of 80 feet deafening.Platform Gantung Air Terjun Iguazu
Horseshoe-shaped platform tense depends exactly 4000 feet above the ground and extends 65 feet from the edge of the Grand Canyon cliff. Horseshoe-shaped Skywalk is built of four-inch-thick glass walls and visitors were required to wear socks, anti-scratch whenever you want to go and see the sights there. This work is a remarkable piece of architecture that can withstand weight up to 70 tons (equivalent to 14 African elephants) and can withstand winds up to 100 meters per hour.Grand Canyon Skywalk Arizona Grand Canyon Skywalk  Arizona
Architect Todd Saunders and Wilhelmsen Workaround commissioned to design a beautiful stops on the mountain Aurland in Norway and produced this beauty who got first place in competitions Norwegian tourist routes. The outer side of the platform - which is curved to form the foundation of the structure - closed down a glass, providing exceptional views of the plains below for those who dare to walk up to the very end. Aurland Lookout (Norwegia) extreme building
The Dachstein Sky Walk is formally enthroned at 2,700 m above sea-level, high up on the 250 m vertical rock face of the Hunerkogel.
A 360 degree panorama allows the visitor a view of Slovenia in the south to the Czech Republic in the north. This "balcony of the Alps" is distinctly higher than the platforms of the Niagara Falls or the Iguazu waterfalls in Brasil.

The viewing platform offers space for 150 guests and can be comfortably reached on the Dachstein cable car from Ramsau. Parts of the Dachstein Sky Walk platform floor have been constructed of glass, guaranteeing an amazing experience. Anyone can have a taste the peaks of the Alps without ropes, crampons or risk. http://web11.www6.algo.at/assets/images/dachstein_06.jpg

Dachstein Gletscher

Gletscherwanderung zur Dachsteinwartehttp://web11.www6.algo.at/assets/images/dachstein_01.jpg
The Incredible Bathtub Carved from a Single Slab of Quartz and crazy jacuzzis ideas designs, but this thing defies imagination. It's an 8.3-feet diameter bathtub made from a single rock crystal. If Superman had a tub in his Fortress of Solitude, this would be it.world Most luxurious Bathtub Ever

And he will use it with Lois Lane and Wonderwoman, because it can fit three people. Made by Italian company Baldi using diamond cutters, the bathtub took six months to carve out of a giant quartz rock. The rock itself was found in the Amazonia rainforest.

I can't decide if the effect of the halogen lighting through the rock is the coolest or the tackiest thing ever in a bathroom. Probably both, and that's why I want to spend an hour inside.
Incredible bath room made from crystalIncredible bath room made from crystal