Packaged cardboard structure

Artists from london, Miwa Takabayashi has designed this, who let loose with origami, and cardboard structure 10kaki. The results of this work have shown at The Mall in Chequers shopping Center in Maidstoneinside two years ago.Packaged cardboard structure

This is an environmentally friendly mattress with attractive appearance. Many furniture manufacturers sell this bed with designs such as Float with a price of $ 25,000 along with the mattress. The bed was designed by David Trubridge, designers from New Zealand.

Float is the origin of New Zealand crafts, are made of a waterproof timber and also accompanied Acrylic fabric to encase the mattress base.Float high design bed
Float high design bed new
This work is made by the LA-based Collective Crimson.Ascension is a giant origami crane that will be installed at the entrance to this year's Coachella Music Festival.

crane was made of modular aluminum tubes and Textilene - a cloth mesh. and stands firmly with a wingspan 45 meters 150 feet, features multi-color LED light that gets power from two photovoltaic station nearbAscension: Crane based from origami

This Bloxes creating origami structure is strong enough so that all arrangements can stand on and assemble without tools.
How to origami architecture menyusunya is mixing with the new brand system Bloxes with pieces of cardboard two-dimensional structures with well-organized and robustModular Cardboard Building System

Modular Cardboard Building System
Economy origami

Kerja Solar City Tower

Solar City Tower, which will be located on the coast of Rio, designed by Zurich-based RAFAA Architecture & Design for 2016 Olympic Games Rio. The Solar City Tower features a large solar systems to generate electricity during the day and pumped water storage systems to generate power at night. RAFAA purpose is that a symbolic tower like this could be used as a starting point for the global green movement and help create more sustainable Olympics in 2016.

Foldable Bowl backpacker tools

This Bottle house is belong to Ridwan Kamil

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This house made of tires, bottles and beer cans pop.
• It has two bedrooms, bathroom and a hallway greenhouse.
• have a system of recycling gray water.
• Having a reservoir buried in the soil that holds up to 6000 gallons of water.
• have the space to change the battery into household current.
• This house does not have equipment such as microwave or electric mixer.
• Having a well-insulated refrigerator that runs on 24-volt direct current.
You can call it an Earthship, which is owned by Scott Elder and Karla Lund and built by the garbage warrior with 12 people and several volunteers. is the latest prototype from earthship built by the Taos, NM and architect Michael Reynolds (the garbage warrior). This name was given to him in the documentary, which describes the approach to housing.
Adobe wall in the master bedroom, provides a good background also hides in closet, and interior walls made of adobe mud mixed with straw and glue. This house was built in just eight weeks, using the tires, pop cans and beer bottles, and united by Reynolds, crew and some volunteers "650 tires to make bricks bonded steel" empty soda. pop cans and beer bottles cemented together, which is then covered with adobe mud to form the interior walls of homes that are environmentally friendly.
Earthship house wallpaper

Bolivian bottle house.Some young environmental activists in Bolivia to collect about 25,000 plastic bottles and build a house from the bottle within six months. Filling the bottles with sand and reinforced with steel and cement, which creates a strong wall. The first bottle of the house is completed in Warnes, in the eastern province of Santa Cruz. TSB fanatical group plans to build ten houses again.Bolivian bottle house
A translucent sun dome is made of hundreds of empty plastic bottle recycling is proof positive of the artist Jasmine Zimmerman's. Not like home, the dome of the sun will grow vegetation. After the festival ends, this house will be traveling to various places.
Alfredo Santa Cruz house to seek support for his family to make his dream house. Not satisfied with the result, it offers a 'free course of construction with recycled materials (by paying only for the cost of travel and lodging)' so that others can follow what has been executed perfectly. yes this really noble people,

Tomislav Radovanovic, professor of mathematics from the central Serbian town of Kragujevac, has created an area of 60sq meters house. Worked for five years, Radovanovic use plastic bottles as the majority of the construction. only the concrete foundation

Serbian House take in 13,500 of them
Mexican House made frm bottle and glass such an extrentic house designmade from glassesand bottle here are

6,000 reuse plastic bottles to make an innovative New Schoolhouse In Guatemala . Laura Kutner volunteers from the Peace Corps uses plastic waste as construction materials and plastic bottles filled with shopping bags, chip bags, and other waste. Truly Inspiring and innovative

This house resources PET bottles uses about 8000, casa ecológica EcoTec create a built in Honduran. Roof "live" (green roof) are made of soil and insulates the house better than a conventional roof. It weighs 30 metric tons. When wet, 102 square meters (m2) roof life. casa ecológica have a wall to support the weight of PET bottles TSB.

Eco-tec’s casa ecológica house
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